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We are currently offering the stickers below free of charge to businesses who desire them. Simply fill out the form below, and we will make sure to send one out to you! NOTE: These stickers are only for Arkansas residents.



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  1. Is there a way to have around 50 of the #5 stickers sent to me so that I can pass them out to businesses in Eureka Springs?

  2. We are a shop owned by a lesbian married couple. Their vision for this business is to allow people (ALL people) to enjoy their relationships (whatever that may be, gay, straight, lesbian, bi, transgender…) and keep romance and playfulness in them.

  3. I’m a Transsexual woman and I’m a locksmith. I’ve have my own business and I will be hiring anyone to work for us. We do give discounts to LGBT, Military, Seniors, and Students.

  4. I filled out the form. I need 2 of the #5 for my 2 front doors. I know of other biz here in Mountain View that I could take these too if you want to send more. Would be glad to pay for them or postage! Equality Rocks!

  5. Thank you so much for doing this. It is absolutely shameful what is happening. If possible, I too have businesses that would love to post these, and I would also be glad to pay for extra stickers and postage as well.

    Thank you again for making a difference.

  6. Proud of my Volkswagon / Audi Mechanic who is displaying your sticker at his shop. O’hara Automotive VW & Audi Dealer Alternative Shop in North Little Rock.

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